First Grid-Friends publication available

24th of march 2017

The coming years a group of scientists, united in consortium Grid-Friends, will monitor our smart grid in detail. In may they will present their first scientific publication at the 16th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS 2017). The paper is a deep dive into mathematics, but what is it roughly about?

The paper addresses a fundamental question for Schoonschip’s microgrid: as an energy cooperation we will trade energy among the group members.  In this negotiation process all sorts of issues play a role: costs, sustainability and convenience. Grid-Friends will help us develop a system, a negotiation agent, in order to organise this process in an easy way. 

To put it simple: The more the system would know about all inhabitants, the more efficient the system can be organised. Think about the value for example that each of us adds to cost reduction, autarchy and cooperation. But the question is also how much information can be traced without bothering the participants too much. And to what extent all this a priori unknown aspects are relevant in the end.

In this paper the scientists therefore suggest a decision model that  finds the point of diminishing returns for improving the model of user preferences with costly queries.

Click here for the full scientific paper.


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