Jouliette – paying with energy

jouliette at the ceuvel

13th of octobre 2017

Paying with energy. That’s what Jouliette is all about. The project, which started last month in Amsterdam, uses blockchain technology to bring the sharing of clean energy to the next level. The initiative is groundbreaking, with only one comparable awesome project in Brooklyn (NYC). 

When we talk blockchain, we usually relate it to Bitcoin, a digital decentralized coin that potentially makes banks redundant. But what if we can use a similar system based on energy?

Spectral – the tech company collaborating with Schoonschip to create our own microgrid – has joined hands with energy network company Alliander to pilot this idea. Location: De Ceuvel, a cleantech playground and sister project of SchoonSchip, located on the shores of the same water that we will soon float on. If successful, the plan is to also implement Jouliette at SchoonSchip.

Jouliette – what can we expect?

The electricity that I as an inhabitant of SchoonSchip will generate with my solar panels flows into the smart grid, to be used in whichever household needs it at that moment. The electrons’ path is precisely measured and made visible realtime.

If my neighbor uses power from my solar panels, I automatically receive Jouliettes in my account. If I need power from another neighbor at a later point, the Jouliettes will go there.

A local currency, but one that is fully digital, online, and energy-based. Made secure and possible by blockchain technology, to track who the current owner of each Jouliette is. The less power you use, the more Jouliettes you have left, which can also be used for other purposes.

Beer and electric driving

Entrepreneurs working at De Ceuvel can already drink a beer in the Ceuvel Café, in exchange for Jouliettes. The presentation on the 15th of September by Philip Gladek (Spectral) and Pallas Agterberg (Alliander) sketched the further revolutionary potential of this technology. Imagine: it’s summer, you are on holiday in rainy Scotland, and at home in sunny Amsterdam your solar panels are generating a whole load of energy. Via Jouliette, you could use the energy you produce at home, to drive the electric car you rented abroad. Endless possibilities!

[Lynn Zebeda & Markus Schmid]

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