Our Schoonschip Hub

 In Nieuws

It was our common dream to have a space within our sustainable floating neighborhood where we can get together and where people who don’t live at Schoonschip can still join us.

A spot from where we can bring our sustainable ideas into practice.

Where organisations and individuals can go to for gatherings, excursions, netwerk events, food parties, film evenings and what else comes to your mind.

……the Schoonschip Hub……

The design for the Schoonschip Hub has been completed and we expect to start building in the spring of 2019. The Schoonschip Hub will open its doors in 2020!

For the realisation of this hub we are still looking for sponsors: organisations that embrace sustainability and who want to connect with Schoonschip and contribute financially and/or in kind. Would you like to know more? Please contact Saskia Verbunt from the sponsoring committee.


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