Corinne van Egeraat & Petr Lom

Member of Schoonschip since:


Current living situation:

A temporary appartment in Amsterdam


Documentary filmmakers

Why is it important for you to participate in Schoonschip?

We love the idea of living in a cozy water community with idealistic and principled people of all ages. We think it is vital for our future to live more sustainably. To pursue this together and share knowledge is a big motivation – and helps us make these adaptations. We have already learned so much more about sustainable housing through the meetings these last years. The only disadvantage is some attractive modern sustainable choices are really still too expensive; and we need to be careful with our budget.

What are your current challenges when it comes to being more sustainable?

Our biggest challenge is that we are filmmakers who work internationally, so we take far too many airplane trips. We need to work on this.  But the nature of our work makes this very hard to cut back on. We make human rights films, so at least we are trying to improve the world in this way…

How does the design process go?

Just imagine designing a sustainable floating home from scratch! What a treat. The whole design process has been a bit on the loooong side. But we are over that hurdle. We work with architect Hanke Lumens, who has spent hours and hours talking about the design with us. She is incredibly inventive and creative. We love her design, it is simple and elegant, with lots of space. We just found the perfect builder – and we cannot wait to see it come to life.

What do you hope Schoonschip will offer?

We hope this will be a challenge to improve our karma by living more responsibly and more modestly in our energy use. We hope we can be an example for other communities to emulate.

What is a Schoonschipper for you?

One very cool dude/duderess. A relaxed, tolerant, idealistic and free spirit.


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