Lieve Sue de Blok & Marius Gottlieb

Member of Schoonschip since:


Current living situation:

A rented appartment


Producer and Creative @ J. Walter Thompson/Cook/Presenter

How do you visualise life on Schoonschip in future?

Marius already started cooking. Marjan is on her way to get some groceries and in the meanwhile Lieve looks after her twins. Mike ist just opening a beer on the terrace, while Michiel is busy watering plants for neighbours who are on a holiday.

You share your plot with two households. How is your cooperation?

After being a member of the project for one year, we changed our plot and came to share our houseboat with Mike. We get along very well right from the start and the cooperation still is excellent. Our working schedules vary and therefore whenever necessary we can always step in for one another.

How do you design the interior?

We spend a lot time, making drawings and sketches. We try lots of things and make scale models. We are still puzzling on some minor details. We really enjoy doing this. Just realise, who is able to design his own house at our age? W

How do people around you react on the project?

Everyone around us is involved. We get a lot of questions and all look forward to having dinner parties at our roof terrace in the future!

What do you hope that Schoonschip will bring you?

Both being born and raised in Amsterdam, we are extremely happy to join a project that in our view is the answer to a transforming city. An answer to the hectic housing market, to the overload of tourists and Nutella shops. We hope that it will inspire others, so that there will be many offsprings just like Schoonschip.


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