Marjolein Smeele

Member of Schoonschip since:


Current living situation:

Old house from the 30’s in Diemen



How do you visualise life on Schoonschip in future?

Living in a great way in a healthy, sustainable house, where we can live with all luxury, yet without a big impact on the world.

I look forward to living in a neighborhood where you know your neighbours. Where children walk in and out at their neighbours’ houses and feel at home and safe. Where they will be inspired by the people that surround them, while growing up.

About our design

I design our house by myself. Together with Sjoerd we put a lot of time and effort in finding and controlling all the materials we want to use. Are they really sustainable and what is the impact on the inner climate? We will live in a house that does not only have a minimal impact on the world, but that is very healthy for us to live in. It is quite a search, but we will manage.

What do you hope that Schoonschip will bring you?

I hope it will turn into the great spot that I have always had in mind.

Besides, I hope that Schoonschip will inspire and keep inspiring others to take sustainable steps in their lives.


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