Matthijs Bourdrez

Member of Schoonschip since:


Current living situation:

Houseboat IJsbaanpad (temporary rent)


Sustainable engineer (founder Dakdokters, and Solar Sedum)

Why join?

For me it is the biggest sustainable pilot project that I can participate in. On all thinkable areas we are going to make a difference. With a group of very nice people.

Make it work together, collective food from a farmer nearby, a new year’s dive – whether you like it or not – and being outside a lot of the time.

With my family I live in a conscious way: eating biodynamically, not throwing away anything, driving electrically, putting on a warm sweater when it’s cold. I even bring my own Tupperware stuff to the take away restaurant. And our children are not surprised that even Sinterklaas buys second hand presents.

In my work as sustainable roof engineer I want to let people choose more sustainably, by taking good quality solar panels for example. Because beautiful and good things satisfy. For example, every day I enjoy my self made coffee, brewn in a steady Italian machine. It takes some time, but the coffee tastes so much beter.

I hope that within Schoonschip we can break away from tight patterns. Think about sharing cars. Or imagine a houseboat with lots of sun giving the superfluous energy to a houseboat that lies in the shadow.

About my floating house

Our ideas converge with those of our architects Arjen en Farah from The Way We Build. Together we want to make the construction process more sustainable from within. We have come very far with Groene Bouwmaterialen, the wood constructor is prepared to use our materials and even the concrete supplier is willing to change its prescription.

And in the meanwhile we think about all kinds of stuff: the colour of the vertical net between the stairs, the ‘vintage’ sockets. And we try to convince our architect that an old fashioned lifting beam above the water will lead to lots of swing fun.

In the future at Schoonschip…

… I wake up with a view on the water (or the ice…). I watch to see if our chicken already laid some eggs. After breakfast Nienke drives to her doctor’s pratice in Zandvoort with the electrical shareable car. And I bring to kids to school by bike.  Then I will start helping Jeroen to put the solar panels on his green rooftop.


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