Mijke de Kok

Member of Schoonschip since:


Current living situation:

A renting appartment, less than 60 square metres on the 2nd floor



How do you visualise life on Schoonschip in future?

We look forward to a daily dive into the water, straight from the living room.

Can you describe a day in a life at Schoonschip?

We wake up and dive into the water. Afterwards we’ll have a coffee at our big table in the morning sun, with a view on the canal. The children play outside with kids from the neighborhood, on the pier or in a small boat.

In the evening we will sit on our roof terrace, next to the vegetables we produce, and enjoy the sunset.

How do you design your own boat?

Wouter and I are both architects, we designed our house all by ourselves. That is an interesting process; you have to think in detail how you want to live there. A process that is easier if you do it for someone else.

We try to use as many recycled materials as possible. The difficult part of this project is that it takes so long. Some decisions we made get caught up in time and than you have to redesign certain parts. Besides everything gets more and more expensive, which also requires tough decisions now and than.

We are totally enthusiastic about the fact that we don’t design this on our own. We have invited befriended artists to think along with us. In that sense we want to make a ‘Gesamtwerk’ and our floating home will be owned and cherished by all of us!

What do you hope that Schoonschip will bring you?

Lots of space to live in. Plus the possibility to be self supportive in many aspects.


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