Olga Bednarz

Member of Schoonschip since:

2011 & 2014

Current living situation:

A temporary appartment in Amsterdam


Artist. Partner Sascha is an architect.

Why is it important for you to participate in Schoonschip?

Throughout the years Sascha and I have developed a deep understanding of the negative impact we humans have on our environment. We all have the responsibility to start making changes in the way we live. Whether it’s building a sustainable house, buying locally or refusing a plastic straw in our drink. Each of us can do something. Participating in Schoonschip encourages us to live more consciously and it enables us to share our ideas effectively. This is how significant changes are made. Combining that with living on the water, amongst a like minded community made this project simply irresistible.

How do you visualize life on Schoonschip?

Mostly we are looking forward to seeing Schoonschip alive and kicking. For the last eight years we have been busy making this dream of ours a reality, with all the challenges along the way. And now it is within reach.

We are looking forward to having like minded, open and conscious neighbors and being such neighbors ourselves. Living in a neighborhood where one can just knock on the door, but where one’s privacy and lifestyle is also respected and taken into account. Needless to say we are hoping to see kids making close friends and meaningful relationships with us, the grownups.

What are your current challenges when it comes to being more sustainable?

Currently we try to consume less and produce as little waste as possible. Buying in bulk, avoiding plastic and packaging in general is a challenge we face every day. We also try to find ways to compost our green waste. Influencing our daughter and finding ways to equip her with the basics of sustainable and conscious living has become our daily life.

How do people react when you talk about Schoonschip?

It is definitely a great conversation starter. By now everyone, especially in Noord, knows about Schoonschip. People are impressed by the whole initiative but also by our persistence and the fact that we have not given up on our dream after all these years. When talking about Schoonschip we try to explain that significant change doesn’t always come easy and requires hard work but that it is very much worth the effort.

We hope it will be a showcase and an example of sustainable living, so that people can learn from us and implement this knowledge in their own homes and lives.


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