Thomas Sykora

Member of Schoonschip since:

Being an initiator from day 1

Current living situation:

Small room in a very nice commune


Film maker/photographer/sustainable enterpreneur

Why join?

What counted eight years ago, is still counting:  we need to change our way of life in order to slow down climate change.  I personally see it as the biggest responsibility of our time to be part of the solution. Many people keep on doing what they were used to do: flying across the globe for vacation, eating meat, buying way too much stuff. Whereas all information is available. We cannot say that we didn’t know what was happening. Where is the anger, the offence, the action? Sometimes that really hurts me. Though I must admit I am not a saint myself.

Besides it sounds like fun to live in a closely knit community. I have tried to attract many friends and soulmates to the project, and that succeeded quite well. It must be wonderful to have such a rich social surroundings as your base, in your personally designed house, on a fantastic spot in Amsterdam.

It is so great to fulfill my life project  – because that’s how I see it – around my 40th anniversary. This experience is something no one can take from me.

About my floating house

I asked my mother and her friend Paul to join, and then also my uncle Theo. Partly due to financial reasons, but also with the thought in mind: If I would get children of my own, my family can take care of them every now and then. And on the other hand I can help them when things get tough for them.

Besides it is also fun! We have a lot of contact in the process up to realisation and that works out really well. My uncle looks forward to living in such a lively neighborhoud. He has no children of his own and, aside from his house in Berlin, wants to spend more time in Amsterdam.

In the future on Schoonschip…

… on a summer morning I jump into water, straight from my balcony. To dry up at the terrace of Ferrie and Paul or Theo. On hot summer nights I sleep on the roof in the open air. And the whole year through I enjoy the wide view on the water. I can’t wait!


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