Schoonschip 360′

Experience our neighbourhood as if you walk through it in this virtual 360′ tour. Schoonschipper Joan tells you more about our floating neighbourhood! Pay attention: this is a 360 degrees [...]

Amsterdam Donought city

Amsterdam wants to be a flourishing, innovating and inclusive city for all its residents, respecting planetary boundaries. Using the concept of the donought economy by Kate Raworth it wants to [...]

Welcome at Schoonschip!

Thank you for visiting our neighbourhood. Here you can find more information about Schoonschip, our sustainable floating neighbourhood.  

Amsterdam’s donought economy

This item of the American PBS News Hour shows how the city of Amsterdam is embracing the theory of the donought economy by Kate Raworth. Marieke van Doorninck, elderman of sustainability, is [...]

Tight Ship

‘A group of like-minded residents turn an uninviting stretch of canal in Amsterdam into an energy-independent floating community.’ Read about Schoonschip in this Dwell article (issue [...]

Schoonschip bee hotel

Schoonschip gets a bee hotel! It is offered to us by the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Applied University of Amsterdam), Lectoraat Management van cultuurverandering and is made by students under the [...]

Floating on the water

An item of the German Deutsche Welle featuring Schoonschip, for Eco India: Dutch architects have created a floating neighborhood named Schoonschip, or “Clean Ship”. It’s built entirely on [...]