Book a guided tour and support our project!

Our jetties are private territory; we constructed and paid for them ourselves. With the incomes of tours and lectures, we sustain our jetties, improve the neighbourhood and expand our activities regarding sustainability and impact. So by booking a guided tour, you really help our community! For more info on our project you can also visit our open source platform.

Commercial tours by third parties are not appreciated. The quay is public territory, of course.


The fee for a guided tour (based on a maximum of 15 persons and 60 minutes) is € 350 ex 21% BTW (VAT). We offer a special fee for schools and other non-commercial educational institutions € 200 ex VAT (BTW).

When groups exceed 15 persons, we provide more tour guides. It is also possible to book a virtual tour. Than we show you Schoonschip via Zoom Schoonschip.


Would you like a taster of our neighbourhood? Listen to this podcast about Schoonschip (in Dutch). Or watch the virtual 360′ tour we made here.

    A guided tour of 1 hour costs € 350 ex VAT for companies and other groups. We offer a reduced tariff of € 200 ex VAT for non-commercial educational institutions.

    Are you a non-commercial educational institution?


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