Schoonschip bee hotel

 In Nieuws

Schoonschip gets a bee hotel! It is offered to us by the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Applied University of Amsterdam), Lectoraat Management van cultuurverandering and is made by students under the accompaniment of Marian Hulshof of Bijen in Beeld.

Bee hotels are inhabited by wild bees, which do not sting, although you would expect something different given their name. That’s because, unlike honeybees, they live alone, and don’t have to defend a colony. Wild bees are just as important for pollination as honey bees. A flowery environment is important for their food. They don’t have to be fancy flowers. For example, they like to sit in the flowering ivy and on other flowers that you do not immediately see. They also really like sedum, and we have plenty of sedum here on our green roofs!


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