Bart Mol

Member of Schoonschip since:

January 2014

Current living situation:

In 2016 both our families sold their houses and in the meanwhile we both rent temporary appartments in the east of Amsterdam


Scrum master. Involved in the food platform I’m a Foodie

How would you describe a Schoonschipper?

A combination of special traits: idealistic, realistic, ambitious, willing to take risks, trying to improve the world in small steps and bizarrely persistent!

You share your plot with two households. How is your cooperation?

We went through the whole process in good harmony, visiting many suppliers of doors, stairs. And nice eateries.

We have been very lucky with our architect, Waterstudio. A sympathetic and creative group that has a lot of experience creating floating houses. They came up with six variations and then we started puzzling. We chose a relatively simple design, in order to be efficient and flexible.

How do people around you react on the project?

Through the years it changes, from ‘totally awesome’ to ‘how are you proceeding with your air castle?’ We can imagine those reactions. At some point we stopped giving indications on our planning.

What do you hope that Schoonschip will offer to Amsterdam?

A succesfull showcase  of a group of normal citizens who share a common vision, plus the motivation to make it work!

I am happy with every person that we inspire to live more consciously regarding our environment and the world we live in.


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