Markus Schmid

Member of Schoonschip since:

May 2016

Current living situation:

Old house from the 30’s in Diemen


Campaigner environmental ngo WISE

Why join?

When we bought our current house, ten years ago, it was extremely energy intensive. We improved lots of things – isolation, double glazing – and managed to halve our energy use. That gives a great feeling. I find the idea that we can get our energy use to zero very attractive. We are going to to gain as much electricity as possible and will divide it among our community through a smart grid. It will be one big energy experiment!

I hope that our group can take more steps in order to reduce our ecological footprint: sharing cars, buying local food, reducing waste, saving water.

Our family joined Schoonschip not so long ago. And yet I notice that we start to get to know the other inhabitants. It is cool to realise this dream together!

About our water house

We have chosen to build with straw. You literally put straw bales in the walls of your house. As far as we know this has never been done before on a floating house.  But it will definitely not become a hobbit house. Our architect Hans Kuijpers was inspired by modern Japanese architecture.


It feels like a privilige to be part of such a sustainable front runner project. In my opinion we have to ensure that our project has added value for others. Our sustainable experiments are open source; we are willing to share everything we learn here with others. So hopefully we can inform and inspire others. I have heard about plans for an annual festival. That’s the way to show that living sustainably can be fun at the same time.

In the future…

… when I wake up I can see the waterfront straight from our bed in the souterrain. I open my eyes, stretch myself and say good morning to the ducks.


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